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Amcariza is a niche small charity recognised by Her Majesty Revenue & Customs in UK.   Charities Commission only register charities once income donation exceeds £5,000.   Our annual income is always underneath this threshold.

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All running costs will be paid for by monies raised via the 'Donate Now' button.  These include web site costs, necessary travel expenses or any other expenses that are critical to getting the charity's mission to assist people in a dignified manner.  


As we operate in a least developing country, we have to constantly be vigilant on fraud.  It is sad but a reality.  


We ensure all staff agree and sign a declaration of anti-bribery, privacy, transparency policy and are sworn in to uphold the integrity of our organisation.


Anyone who clearly flouts and is caught acting against the integrity of Amcariza name or bringing disprepute, is aware this is an instant dismissal.


Monitoring and cross checking accounts and expenditure is constantly undertaken.


So we spot check receipts, we often check estimates from other suppliers and will also conduct peer led reviews.  


We are apolitical and are not religiously motivated.  As Amcariza does operate in a largely secular country with Muslim, Hindu and indigenous tribes, we uphold and respect this.


Our logo is a single leaf.  We explain that each grantee represents a leaf in helping to grow a healthier tree.   We use the eco-sytem, as a metaphor.  How the tree gives oxygen. And gives life.  


Just as a healthy community can.


Each leaf is tied to the the branch, that is tied to the tree. With each leaf we take care of, means the tree is growing and getting stronger. But often rotten eco systems occurr because we humans, failed to nurture and allow trees to survive.  


We explain everyone is equal to us and we will consider all requests.  However we explain to beneficiaries that we determine needs based on criteria, emergency and those who are most critical. As we have limited funding.  And why if you can donate, then we are able to help more people.


Self sufficiency is the primary goal and we ensure all our beneficiaries understand this.


We do not tolerate any abuse or misuse of funds or property.  And warn that in case this happens, assitance is withdrawn and the community be made aware so there is collective responsibility to explore how this happened.



We welcome you to explore and ask questions about how we operate.


FFABB can take time to deliver. Our current, largest headaches is getting funds across and the charges that we pay banks and currency exchange fees.  .  


We are a small charity, run entirely in the spare time of volunteers, who do not get paid or often get any travel expenses.  So it means we have to find time to come together. This can often cause delays.  


Your contribution and views matter to us.   That is why we share information on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


In return we ask you to be respectful of the people we work with.  And to trust in us because we offer transparency.  It is vital that we be allowed to spend the donations how we see fit.  As we also highlight the risk to each project, we keep you informed, all the way.


If we do not respond straight away, please bear with us as often we are working in deep remote regions of Bangladesh.


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© Amcariza Foundation 2013. All rights reserved.