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Volunteer for a day

£50.00 (Sold out)

Advance reservation and by invitation only. From £50.

Come and visit Bangla Bari, a comfortable bungalow built by the late Al-Haj Abdul Muquith Choudhury in the traditional, simple style.  Today, it is has been refurbished with soft furnshings that complement the nature and serenity of the peaceful hamlet it occupies. Using this as a place, there are plenty of volunteering options.  If this is fully booked, we will send you to another village or city.  

Typical day may involve some of these activities (depends on season):

Help famers with vegetable and paddy fields - fromm research, to planting, sowing and tending crops.
Maintain cane fence for veg plots.
Assist the staff to prep for the local village school (no access to children due to Amcariza's strict protection policy).
Escort elderly poor people to nearby town for medical check ups.
Meet the local youth club Ekoti Tarun.
Cheer on cricket being played in the paddy fields and buy the community some snacks.
Help feed Bangla Bari's 30 ducks and 12 hens.
Take photography for the Amcariza site.  
Undertake to assist with current assigments being handled by founder of Amcariza Foundation.

Please note.
This is a new project.  So please be patient with villagers.
We can trailor make the day for you.
Interviews and references will be needed to ensure the locals re protected.
No conduct that may be construed as offensive to the locals will be permitted.

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