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The Blind/VA Violinist 'Robin'.


Founder Yasmin Choudhury stumbled across this blind/visually impaired violinist in 2011 a few days before she was due to return to London.  His name she believes was 'Robin' and when she saw thing young blnd man walking in a busy street with his violin case, he was immediately asked to come and have a cup of tea.  Yasmin promised him she would return so she could pay for him to improve his playing, perfom so she could film him, as a personal thank you for his artistic commitment. He gave his number on a slip of paper, which sadly, she then lost.  

A violin player is rare in Sylhet let alone someone who is blind.  To have lost his number is such a tragedy.  Your money will be donated to help find Robin through our fixers.  To pay for his performance to be recorded and filmed. Then uploaded to Amcariza social media sites.  And for him to receive a wage for his perfomance.

Help us find Robin?

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