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Amcariza is a niche small charity recognised by Her Majesty Revenue & Customs in UK.   Charities Commission only register charities once income donation exceeds £5,000.   Our annual income is always underneath this threshold.

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Donate a Lecture On Women's Rights.


Expenses - grass roots administrative fee will be no more than 20% from the value of the expeirience..

Fund the local elders to help them spread messags about protecting and looking after women.  Including self awareness and harrassment.  

Many rural women are being abandoned by thier husbands, or neglected by their sons.  Also they are abused or used as indentured moern day slaves and then returned to their families who often hun or heap further shame on them.  Leaving women powerless and leading a life of abject poverty. And continuous cycle of  expolitation.

Too many rural villagers are unware of the great respect that Islam affords to women epscially those who are vulnerable from the disabled, widows to the unmarried.   Islam has many laws on how to protect the emotional and financial well being of every woman.  Includng her right to give her permission to the man she will marry, wealth inherited from her male relative be it her husband, father or son.  

Financial Aid

Religion is the single most influentiual factor in helping to change a community's conduct and belief system.  With this seminar, we will impart the positive teachings and anecdotes that can be found in the Koran and Hadith to ensure that people are educated and encouraged to change.
We have calculated that it will cost just £100 to run a seminar which can be attended by men who will sit at the mosque and women, seated within the forecourt of a private house.  

We will
* hire a microphone
* feed attendees
* run a question and answer probelm box (where attendees can post their questions).

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