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Amcariza is a niche small charity recognised by Her Majesty Revenue & Customs in UK.   Charities Commission only register charities once income donation exceeds £5,000.   Our annual income is always underneath this threshold.

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Buy A Boat (BAB) - Alpha FFABB Rent To Buy Programme


Alpha FFABB denotes grant towards substantial life changing equipment or tools that is valued over £150.  

The scheme operates as a Rent To Buy basis whereby the item is initially rented out to the FABBEE.  But the rental payment goes towards paying the 50% of the value of the boat. We ensure the monthly rental rate is affordable and reasonable.  Once they have paid it off, it becomes their very own property.  

Amcariza never ever charges interest.  We believe in grants.  In return for getting the chance to buy a  subidised equipment - they are also asked to make a monthly money free communuty gesture, which is reasonable and aimed at spreading joy throughot the local community.  It also serves to empower the boatman to realise that he too is someone of great value to society.  Who can help another.

We suggest once a month, the boatman donates a portion of fish he has caught via Amcariza to a hungry individual or family in need.

Until the boat is paid off, it remains the property of Amcariza. Nor can the boat be sold after he owns the item.  This helps to encourage the FFABBEE to take control, be motivated and gives access to life changing interest free capital working asset.

A boat can change lives. An entire community.  

A wooden boat in remote villages can provide a sustainable income source for a man and his family in many a poor nation.  The tiny one man river boats in communal villages do a vital job of ferrying local people, their wares, local goods (vegetables, fish, handicrafts) from across one side of the bank to the other.  It helps open up the local marketplace for many of the rural folks who wander through paddy fields, selling their wares.

Often the single fare can be 10p.   Are your ready to buy someone a boat.

Until the boat is paid off, we expect the FFABBEE to carry a free passenger in need, at least once a day.  
A certificate will be awarded.

The boat could be stolen by jealous locals.
Bad weather can damage the boat and often mean the boatman is out of work.
Repayments may never be made or the time period have expired.
Boatman may fall ill.

Boat will be clearly labelled as an Amcariza boat (until the interest free loan valued at 50% of the price of a the boat is paid off via his monthly rental payments to Amcariza).
If the boatman falls ill, we will hold the boat until he is well enough but then if he is too poorly, we will sell it to pay for his medicine bills or allow a next of kin to operate it.  

£170 Cost to build boat
£70 Bangladesh fixer fee including all transport fees
£50 To adminster the repayment and check up on progress of rental and payments.
£10 - Foreign exchange and transfer fees

There are two options for you to consider for Buy A Boat.

Standard is just a wooden boat with the Amcariza flag.  

The Named BAB means Amcariza will also attach a bespoke nameplate to the boat in memory of someone of your choosing - who may be special.  Please note - words are limited.  So there may be higher price if you want more than 50 characters.

£30 Optional extra per name to be inscribed into the boat

£260 - Total monies to be paid by donor aka the FFABBSTER

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