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Amcariza is a niche small charity recognised by Her Majesty Revenue & Customs in UK.   Charities Commission only register charities once income donation exceeds £5,000.   Our annual income is always underneath this threshold.

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Stories and projects

Organic agrilculture within Amcariza has potential for life long sustenance to locals.  Enabling them to escape poverty, malnutrition and famine.  We are fortunate to have the support of the University of Agriculture in Sylhet.  Two eminent professors are leading the consultation and pilot process to help turn arable land and paddy fields into high yeild organic vegetable fields.  Providing food and income as the produce will be sold at the local vegetable bazaars.


Organic Agriculture |  Spring 2013 and ongoing | Chondorpur, Beani Bazaar, Sylhet

Many middle and upper class people in Bangladesh offer villagers employment as servants. However we know many run away or are miserable and dream of remaining in the village and earning a good income.  To inspire, motivate and help the villagers we work with, Amcariza will be sponsored by Lovedesh, a new British philanthropic food, design and travel brand also founded by Yasmin Choudhury, to create real experiences for donors to purchase and attend.  That way a villager does not need to leave their own family and village to seek employment.


Donor experiences  |  Coming soon | Chondorpur, Beani Bazaar, Sylhet

The rural workers we work with are largely illiterate.  They also suffer from poor hygiene and lack social skills.  For many, they have become accustomed to begging or relying on money sent by rich non residents from abroad, especially the British Bangladeshi community.  A frenzy for begging will arise during two of the most important Islamic religous festivals.  Eid Ul Fitr when Muslims donate a portion of their wealth (Zakat) and Eid Ul Adha - when a cow is sacrificed and meat is distributed.  


We educate and teach locals on hygiene, how to keep their family unit together and to find a permanent solution for self suffiiciency.


Traning & Education  |  Ongoing | Chondorpur, Beani Bazaar, Sylhet

Today, women are still undervalued in Bangladesh society.  This is a cultural affliction caused by ignorance and cultural norm that spreads right across all sections of society including educated and upper and middle classes. So what chance have illliterate people got?


Women are being sexually abused, or abandoned.  Loving parents are desperate to marry off young teeenage girls below the conensual age of 16 without their consent.  To reduce the household numbers. Women once married off, then remain at home so when the husband fails to provide income, an entire family is ruined.  


From a women's marriage, divorce, and inheritance she is unaware of her legal rights.  We will be advocating and campaigning via community leaders how to help spread the message of women's rights.  We are also helping women acquire lifelong skills to call upon, in an emergency, should they need to earn.


Valuing women  |  Coming soon | Gaasbari Madrasha, Gaas baari + Chondorpur, Beani Bazaar, Sylhet.

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© Amcariza Foundation 2013. All rights reserved.

© Amcariza Foundation 2013. All rights reserved.

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