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Amcariza is a charity recognised by Her Majesty Revenue & Customs in UK.   Charities Commission only register charities once income donation exceeds £5,000.  



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FFABB (Find & Fund A Body/Business) is a new style of giving charitable grants.  It's the brainchild of Yasmin Choudhury, the founder of Amcariza Foundation. Financial grants are sent to impoverished folks in a whole new way.


Our main mission is to put more pennies directly into poor pockets through small, free grants.  This can make ALL the difference to getting someone into work or re-skilled.


It's a fun and dignified way to donate directly to a business or individual  in a stigmatised 'Third World' region that you want to help. They in turn help to FFABB someone in their local community via a money-free gesture. It could be buying seeds for a farmer who, in turn, donates a bag of rice, perhaps to a widow or orphaned child.  They even gets a certificate.



Join Amcariza Foundation, to get connected with local artisans and everyday folks.  Help smash 'Third World' stigma and poverty with your own hands.


Presenting just some of the FFABB projects you can donate to right now.


Or if you simply want to donate, to help with runnings costs, then do so here


Don't want to donate? That's ok too. Why not volunteer?  You too, can help us to make change happen.  

Email hello@amcarizafoundation.org


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To find out how Lovedesh Army bracelet plans to help fund FFABB and get us all travelling the 'Third World', click here


#LTTTW (Let's Travel The Third World).










British charity that celebrates and champions 'Third World' nations and its people, offering interest free grants.


We're a small bunch of volunteers spanning the UK and Bangladesh trying to change how we - the rest of the world - connect with the world's poorest and in-conflict nations.  

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Sponsor a FFABB project of your choice now.