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Amcariza Foundation is a not for profit organisation giving a hand up and NOT a hand out to locals in Sylhet, Bangladesh.  It combines the initials and name of two signifcant local indviduals: AMC and Ariza. It carries on the legacy of one man.


The late Al-Haj Abdul Muquith Choudhury (AMC), affectioantely called Makohn Miah by the locals was born in Ali Nagor/Chondorpur, Sylhet, in a village owned by his landed gentry of ancestors.  Yet in 1950 AMC was poor and destiute and so he emigrated to the UK  wher he become a successful entrepeneur and restaurateur.  After decades of assisting the poor,  including his ancestral village of Chandorpur, he died on March 23, 2004 after a road accident. His daughter Yasmin Choudhury (Haopy) founded Amcariza.


Ariza was the mother of AMC and his 7 brothers and 4 siblings.  She fell on hard times after her husband died, leaving her a widow at a young age.  The intiial philanthripic work for the village was initiated by AMC's brother Abdul Khalique Choudhury (Shuna Miah) who died in the late 1950s.


Acariza is presently run solely by volunteers.  Even out of pocket expenses are borne individually. We will soon upload our P&L sheet.

W H O   W E   A R E

We help change the stigma and status of poor people at direct grass roots level.  We do this by speaking to villagers and destitute at their level.  Most staff are local and are being led by the founder, Yasmin Choudhury, herself a British citizen yet of Bangladeshi heritage.  She can speak the local dialect and known to the people we work with.


We do not think money is getting to locals via many NGOs nor is it being used adequately.  We set Amcariza up to streamline the activities we have been undertaking within AMC's family for many decades.  


We know the locals.  Our founder of Amcariza is tied ot the locals by her heritage and well known amongst the Sylheti community.  There is much good will and trust to allow us to get projects up and running quickly so we can effecg change.  As soon a local is up and running we move them away from the foudnation to ensure dependecy is not formed.


Farming and vegetable planting.

Fishery knowledge.

Social mobility.

Training and basic literacy.

Food hygiene.

Basic Medical assistance for elderly.

Support for single mothers, orphans and street kids

Basic shelter via tin roofs.

Distribution of clothing

Zakat - annual Muslim ritual to feed the poor.


We only help those who we have assessed are in dire need.  Otherwise we ask locals to donate their time or skills in exchange for training or assistance.  


We also provide tutors to any children or locals and in tuen they tend to crops and farming. So we create a positive community spirit.


We never provide cash into hands of locals.  


We also log charitable requests once a month and then review and decide on list of beneficiaries after painstakingly enquriing, checking and thoroughly vetting their circumstances.

W H A T   W E   D O

Photo_2005_3_29_0_42_42 DSC00319 DSC00243

Late Al-Haj Abdul Muquith Choudhury

School donated by Abdul Khaliique Choudhury

© Amcariza Foundation 2013. All rights reserved.